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NKGH Ministry

Building Gospel Highways in North Korea by sending North Koreans back to their Home town with Gospel. 184 Underground Churches built in NK since 2008

HOPE Church Ministry

Hope churches are for North Korean women who were trafficked in China but refused to go to S. Korea because of her children and the family given to her by the Lord, God in China.

Daily Bible Reading Ministry

Knowing God and let others know God! This is the all purpose of this ministry. 318 Daily Bible Reading Team provides Daily Reading Bible Chapters, send them through an e-mail every morning to your e-mail address with an easy explanation.

About Us

Our Work and Vision

318 Partners Ministry by Sending Missionaries to All Nations

NKGH Ministry (Building Gospel Highways in North Korea) (Is. 62:10)

Hope Church Ministry for Trafficked NK Women in China!

Everyday Reading Bible through E-mail Ministry!

All for Jesus Ministry for North Korea, Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Rep. (Lk 4:18-19)

Our history

  • 318 Partners Mission Foundation is a Non-profit Organization registered in US under 501c-3, founded in 2008 by Steven Kim
  • Who is Steven Kim: Korean-American Business Man who went to China for business in 1987. Steven has acquainted NK refugees in 1999, began to advocate them by providing food and shelter, then help them to flee to free countries under the name of Schindler's Mission.
  • Steven was arrested in 2003 by Chinese police for illegally helping NK refugees, sentenced later for 5 years in imprisonment.
  • After spending 4 years in prison, Steven was released in 2007, joined NKFC to continue the rescue ministry for suffering North Koreans.
  • Steven became a Christian Missionary for North Koreans in 2008.
  • In 2010, Steven joined YWAM by training in Korea and experiencing his mission trip in Egypt.
  • Steven has set up shelters for NK refugees in China-NK border for helping them and send them back to their home with the Gospel.
  • Began NKGH ministry for building Gospel Highways in North Korea by sending NK refugee Christians since 2009.
  • Sending 318 Partners Missionaries to the area for NKGH ministry and start to build Underground Churches in NK.
  • Since 2005, 318 Partners Gospel Reading Team has initiated Daily Reading Bible through E-mail.
  • Along with North Korean Ministry, God visioned Steven for Central and South American Ministry as doing Business for Mission.

Our mission

  1. Rescue North Korean Refugees (Luke 4:18-19)
  2. NKGH Ministry: Building Gospel Highways in North Korea (Isaiah 62:10)
  3. Commissioning and Sending Missionaries to the Mission Field to expand his kingdom
  4. Spread Gospel to the All nations (Everyday Reading Bible Ministry thru E-mail)
  5. All for Jesus Ministry


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Build Gospel Highways in North Korea!

Need your support in Prayers and Participation. 

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